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10 years since our debut EP!!!

Our debut EP ‘As I Falter’ was released ten years ago today and to celebrate we have put together a lyric video for one of the tracks, which you can check out below.

The EP was recorded at Skylab Studios in the Jewellery Quarter and was produced by Andy Taylor (Editors/The Twang). We worked with Andy again on our first and second albums.

I remember we had a song called Landslide that was planned for the EP but when Wayne & I were performing in Dublin, I played him a new song called ‘I’m Running Away’ in the hotel and he loved it and wanted it to be on the EP. I’m not really sure why we didn’t record Landslide as well as it was a great song. I think we did record the drums for it during a studio session the following year but we never finished it.

We also worked with Marion Thain who came in to play cello for us on three tracks on the EP. It added a real nice texture to our sound and I later went on to work with Marion on some solo recordings before she moved to New York.

Digital and physical copies of ‘As I Falter’ are available to buy here:

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