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September round up

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

The last few weeks have been exhausting but a lot of fun. For some reason we thought it would be good idea to shoot two music videos on consecutive weekends in September. If you’ve seen our videos then you will know that we always try to something interesting rather than standing around in a rehearsal room looking moody like a lot of bands tend to do.

Both videos are currently being edited so I don’t want to say too much right now but we can’t wait to release them. The first video was for ‘Jennifer Against the World’ which seems to be a fan favourite from the new album. For the video we teamed up with Director Omar Khan again. Omar shot the videos for ‘The Place Between the Scenes’ and ‘Tonight’. We really enjoy working with them and this shoot was our most playful yet.

The following week I directed the video for ‘Lights Go Out’. This was our most challenging shoot for reasons I can’t explain without giving away any details. You are gonna love this one.

Also we have a third video ready for ‘The Romance in Murder’, the opening track from the album so keep an eye out on social media or subscribe to our You Tube page.

GIG: Our next gig will be at Eerie Ink in Walsall on Saturday 05th October with guests After Midnight. We are playing some of our favourite tracks from our two albums along with some brand new material which we are very excited about.

Big love

Dinky Gav

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